Best Social Marketing History
Best social marketing history and objective

Best Social Marketing History and Objective

What is meant by social marketing?

It is an approach which is used to develop activities. Its purpose is to change or maintain person’s behavior for the benefit of individuals as well as society as a whole. The concept of social marketing helps to maximize profits for some organization.

It helps in creating long term relationships with the customers. Social marketing encourages to develop products that can benefit the society in long run and also satisfies the consumers.

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History of Social Marketing:

Social marketing started in 1971. It was basically started when Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman published their article “Social Marketing”. They state that social marketing is an approach to planned social changes.

The social marketers have been playing with the social ideas, strategies, and have been working on the most effective means of spurring widespread changes in the social behavior in multiple fields.

Today most of the social media marketing topics are public health and environmental concerns.

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What is social marketing and what it is not?

There are so many ways to obtaining a societal change by effective social cause marketing. The central always remains the same. “The social good is always the primary focus”.

No matter if it is a try of convincing the public to stop smoking or it’s about encouraging men of not smoking. The main focus is always on the public good. There are some other terms which are considered the same as social media marketing like commercial marketing, social media marketing, green or sustainable marketing. These terms should not be confused with social media marketing.

Social media marketing: It uses social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Scoopit, Instagram, and YouTube etc. These are all the collective groups of web properties. They are published primarily by users for building online communities.

Sustainable marketing: It is used by some corporation to demonstrate their corporate social responsibilities.

Commercial marketing: It may run the gamut from advertising a new 100% recycled plastic water bottles. This encourages the people to buy more fuel efficient car.

The most important social marketing strategies and techniques, according to the Institute for Social Marketing are:

  • The objective of marketing is to influence actions and changes in behavior.
  • Whenever a target audience believes that the benefits which they will receive is going to be greater than the cost they incurred.
  • The programs to influence actions will be more effective if they are based on an understanding of target audience’s own perception.
  • The audiences are seldom uniform in their responses to marketing efforts.
  • There are 4 p’s which marketing efforts must incorporate
  • Creating an enticing “Product”.
  • Minimizing the price according to believers and hosting
  • of target audience that they think must be paid in the exchange.

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